This is Berner

Highlights in 2018

  • March

  • berner-highlights-2018-hai-brand

    Our popular rubber boot brands celebrated special anniversaries. Nokian Footwear reached the venerable age of 120 years and the Hai brand turned 50 years old. To mark the jubilee year, we launched the Haicolours line, which includes colorful and practical footwear and clothing.

  • April

  • We introduced the innovative and colorful Bronx Colors series of makeup products to the Finnish market.

  • May

  • Berner acquired the right to represent Nuxe, a popular French skincare brand. The products are an excellent complement to the product range of our cosmetics department.

  • June

  • berner-highlights-2018-farmers-berner

    Apetit Group’s Avena Nordic Grain Ltd and Farmer’s Berner combined their purchasing and sales organizations in the production input and grain trade. The operating model is based on partnership and joint field organisation. The joint venture is called Farmer's Avena Berner.

We joined the S Group’s Big Deal climate campaign by making a commitment to reduce emissions.

  • July

  • Berner acquired the business operations of the chemicals manufacturer Catrock Ltd. Berner established a subsidiary called Berner Chemicals Ltd for the production of magnesium chemicals. The new subsidiary will further develop the production of magnesium chemicals in Kokemäki, complementing the service portfolio of Berner Agency.

  • August

  • berner-highlights-2018-work-does-not-discriminate

    Berner participated in the Confederation of Finnish Industries campaign Work Does Not Discriminate. We made a commitment to promote non-discriminatory workplace culture and want to do our share to highlight the important theme of equality in working life

  • October

  • berner-highlights-2018-135-years

    We celebrated Berner’s 135-year journey by organizing a magnificent event for all of our personnel at the Opera House in Helsinki. Our company got started when our Norwegian founder Sören Berner began importing herring to Helsinki in 1883.

  • We continued the collaboration we began in 2017 with Sulapac Ltd to develop innovative packaging solutions, with LV All Around Cream Our becoming our first product to be sold in Sulapac’s biodegradable packaging.

Finland’s first annual Rubber Boot Day was held on October 11. Based on an idea by Nokian Footwear and Hai, the day reminds us that everyone has the right to keep their socks dry.

  • November

  • berner-highlights-2018-the-global-compact

    We joined the UN Global Compact sustainability initiative to mark our commitment to promoting responsible ways of working in all of our operations and in every country we operate in.

  • December

  • berner-highlights-2018-heti

    We launched the Heti series of cleaning products and laundry detergents with eco-friendly vinegar as the active ingredient. The products are manufactured in Heinävesi and packaged in bottles made from recycled plastic.