Product development and production

Product development

Our strengths lie in Finland-based product development and manufacturing, and we believe that our customers value our domestic, responsible and high-quality production.

Berner has engaged in its own product development since the 1950s. The significance of product development has increased over the years, resulting in product families including  XZ hair care products, the LV and Herbina product family, the  Lasol and Korrek car care series, Heti cleaning products for consumers and professionals, Desinfektol and LV disinfectants, the iconic Tummeli brand and the Oxygenol family of oral hygiene products.

The products are developed at our head office in Helsinki and manufactured in Heinävesi in close cooperation with our quality assurance team. Berner’s product development and quality is the responsibility of a team with 20 members. Ensuring product safety is the starting point of our product development.

Product development in 2018

Last year, we launched a total of 40 new products as a result of our own product development and production efforts.

For example, we developed a new Heti series of consumer products in the cleaning and laundry detergent category. It is the first product family in the market to have eco-friendly vinegar as its active ingredient. The products were introduced in daily consumer goods retail at the beginning of 2019. We also developed unpasteurized apple cider vinegar products that are produced using a natural fermentation method.

We used natural ingredients in new ways in our products. In the XZ series of hair care products, for example, the key ingredients of new products included pea protein and oats. We also added more plaque-preventing xylitol to our toothpaste products. We wanted to give xylitol, a Finnish innovation, the role it deserves in oral hygiene.

We continued the collaboration we began in 2017 with Sulapac Ltd to develop innovative packaging solutions. Launched in 2018, LV All Around Cream Our became our first product to be sold in Sulapac’s biodegradable packaging. We will continue the development of packaging innovation in the coming years as technology develops.

More information on our packaging development efforts and raw materials is provided in the section on environmental responsibility.