Business areas


We purchase, store and deliver raw materials and additives to industry and the infrastructure sector cost-effectively and quickly in Finland and the neighboring areas. We sell amino acids, lye, protein for animal feed, fibres and salt, among other things.

Where necessary, we can even perform the entire raw material purchasing function on the customer’s behalf, and managing the by-products generated in the customer’s production is also part of our operations. This allows the customer to focus on their core competencies.

We established our position as a supplier of sodium hydroxide

One of our most significant achievements in 2018 was establishing our position as a supplier of Russian sodium hydroxide in the Finnish market. Also known as lye, sodium hydroxide is an important industrial chemical that is used in the pulp and paper industry, chemicals industry, water treatment, detergent production as well as for cleaning purposes in the food and beverage industry, among other things.

We supply liquid sodium hydroxide in tank truck loads from our domestic storage tank or as direct rail deliveries from the manufacturer. The handling, storage and transport of this alkaline and caustic chemical requires a great deal of care and professionalism. Close teamwork between colleagues working in the areas of purchasing, EHQS and sales along with cooperation with reliable logistics partners are essential for achieving the desired outcome.

The timing of our market entry was also excellent. The price of sodium hydroxide has increased as a result of changes in production technology stipulated by EU regulations.

Development of export operations in neighboring markets

Our exports developed favorably in our market area in 2018. Our increased focus on the Swedish market was reflected in positive development in sales. We are pursuing growth in neighboring markets and actively looking for growth opportunities through acquisitions as well.

Russia’s significance in the Agency business continued to increase. To ensure continued positive development in the years to come, we allocated increased resources to our operations involving Russia. In spite of the international political climate, we perceive Russia as a very important market in terms of both imports and exports, both now and in the future.

Expert personnel

Our highly competent sales team was successful in marketing the many new products we introduced to the Finnish market in 2018. We continued to develop and expand our outsourced warehousing network to serve our customers cost-effectively as close to the final use location as possible.

Antti Rinta-Harri, who had been in charge of the Agency business area for a long time, moved on to new challenges in the Group. Under his leadership, the business area developed its operations successfully for more than 10 years, and active development efforts will continue in the future. Mika Pirhonen was appointed the business area’s new director effective from January 1, 2019.