Business areas

Agricultural Trade

The exceptionally warm and dry growing season affected the profitability of agricultural producers, which had an impact on the development of the agricultural supplies trade. In spite of the challenging conditions in recent years and the significant changes in the business climate, we have been able to strengthen our position in the agricultural trade.

The dry growing season reduced the sales of production inputs during the season, in particular. Nevertheless, we achieved the overall targets set for the Agricultural Trade business area in Finland in spite of the challenging season.

At the beginning of August, we launched a cooperation in Finland with Avena Nordic Grain Ltd by combining our sales and purchasing organizations. The cooperation creates synergies in customer account management, marketing and sales. Our new operating model got off to a good start in fall 2018, which supports positive development in the years to come. The cooperation does not entail any ownership arrangements. While our focus was previously on plant protection products, our expanded range of products now includes the key production inputs of plant production.


Sweden was similarly affected by challenging weather conditions during the growing season. The dry conditions led to lower demand for fungicides in particular. However, the good sowing conditions for fall crops increased the amount of processing in the fall.

Gullviks focuses on the retail sale of plant protection agents, nutrients, seeds, foliage nutrients and products used in forestry that are sold directly to farms. Its strong cooperation with Swedish farmers continued to grow in 2018.

The Baltic countries

The sales of the plant protection products we represent developed very favorably in the Baltic countries. However, the merger of our largest principals, Dow Agrosciences and Dupont Agron, to form Corteva AgriScience, meant that our representation of their products was discontinued at the end of 2018. In connection with this change, we adapted our organization according to the new situation.